How to choose a hypnotherapist – that’s just right for you.


I don’t drive a car.
I learnt to drive about 8 years ago and passed my test the first time but have hardly driven since. I think this is partially due to the fact that I learnt late in life but also due to choosing, and sticking with, a driving instructor who was quite belligerent and unsupportive. In hindsight I should have left him for an instructor who made me feel more positive and encouraging as I now associate driving with stress and unpleasant learning memories.

When giving advice on how to select a hypnotherapist, many websites and organisations will often recommend that a client should be checking for a valid qualification, insurance and experience. Whilst I don’t deny the importance of these factors, I do think that rapport between therapist and client is also equally as important.

Rapport can be defined as a harmonious relationship in which participants feel…

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Healthier Smoker – Oxymoron?



Further to an earlier post about e- cigarettes and how they are being touted as the safer , healthier alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes I recently came across a shop with the title – Healthier Smoker.

Its a real shop , a proper building, windows and doors with the oxymoronic title above the shop front.

Close by is a traditional newsagent who can stock but not display conventional cigarettes nor advertise that they sell them. Across the road there is a chemist selling nicotine patches and gums.

Now I don’t personally smoke but I know a few smokers and have certainly helped many give them up.

Is it just me or does it seem that there dark forces at work here? I mean here are three different shops all selling products that contain nicotine yet one is virtually selling them under the counter, whereas the other two are promoting them…

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My Excuse

Great piece. Of course none of these excuses apply to me, I don’t work out because I enjoy the feeling of fat coating my arteries and strangulating my heart. I have actually once heard the excuse, “I don’t need to exercise because I break a sweat walking up the thirteen steps to the bathroom”.

Bunch of lies?

So was in university yesterday and we spent some time looking at why potential clients would lie to us as therapists. Everything from hiding their Mental health history or problems, what type of medication they are really on, to coming to a Hypnotherapist just for some childish reason of trying to prove that Hypnosis will not work for them. Had a few people myself that only came to me to prove they could not be hypnotised.

So we are a class of twenty and we have been given the holy Grail of information….how to tell if someone is lying. What a great tool to have, except everyone in my class lies….constantly and so do I. At the next class I expect, no matter the weather, a group of twenty professional adults sitting in a classroom wearing sun glasses.

Another year another waste of anxiety

Why o why do we get stressed and anxious over Christmas? It is really only one day, 24 hours and its all over. Take in the time you are sleeping, lets say 9 hours and we are now down to 15 hours. Christmas dinner and stuffing our face full of hip and belly busting food, 2 hours. 13 hours left. Personal hygiene and waste management and we are left with 11 hours. I am sure many people could whittle that figure down more. So I will pose the question again, why o why do we get stressed and so anxious over 9 to 11 hours? I like to cook, it is one of my favorite things to do and so far I have not poisoned anybody I like. So I naturally will cook the Christmas dinner, do i get stressed undertaking this task, of course i do, every year. Between correct temp and correct time to put items in the oven, i become the red headed monster and people are scared to venture near my domain, because of my stress coping mechanisms, for example, i talk to myself, move about at great speed and i appear to work in an organised bomb zone. So today I was doing my thing, I had some zen/meditation music playing in the background and the boss lady walks in and states, why are you so stressed? Me, I`m not stressed, lets see, talking to myself..check, running around like my bum is on fire…check, no changes with me, but I am really calm inside. There are no knives stuck into the plaster board, the turkey has not been hacked to pieces by a deranged knife and fork carving crazy person. So the old grey matter starts churning and eventually I have come up with a working theory…hold onto your hats because here it is….. I looked stressed because I should have been stressed. People expected me to be stressed and killing dead things, so when i didnt, they just perceived I had moved onto the next level, rather than actually coming down a few levels. Its other people view of you being stressed that causes the stress rather than your own internal feelings. As a hypnotherapist, we help and support people who find that this time of year a bit too much to cope with, but are they really finding Christmas to much or is it they expect to be stressed and as such cause the problem? Something to think about whilst you pull pork pieces out from between your teeth, think should you really have had that extra pudding, and who is going to be brave enough to tackle the dishes. Merry three and a half hours of Christmas left ( its 8:30pm here) and a happy new year to you all. Don`t worry about it, terrible waste of decent stress.

Discovering Reiki: an underappreciated form of therapy healing

Great explanation about Reiki

Breakthrough Retreats

Reiki (meaning ‘wheel’ in Japanese) involves looking at the 7 energy centres, or ‘chakras’, in your body.

If you’ve suffered a trauma or accident – this can be anything from a miscarriage to a shunt in your car – your chakras may well have become misaligned. Once they are out of sync, this can have a distinctly negative impact on the way you feel.

During a Reiki session (which will usually last about an hour), your practitioner will place their hands over your body whilst channelling energy through a higher source in order to realign your chakras so they can work in harmony once more. Don’t worry – you will remain fully clothed throughout!

Often clients will require more healing in one part of their body than in another. For example, if you have particularly low self esteem and self confidence, meaning that you find it difficult to cope with…

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And relax…

relaxAssignment nearly finished…phew, a bit of proof reading (need someone to proof read my blogs) and reorganization and it might even be readable. Today is also the last day of my practice until after Christmas, unless I get any emergencies, then I am always open.

So what can I do to keep my limited mind space busy over the Christmas period?????? I know, I will record some self hypnosis MP3’s. I am quite limited to how I actually undertake this task. I think the boss lady and the small ones would be mightily annoyed if I threw them out of their bedrooms and turn it into a recording booth. So I will do what I do best, record my MP3’s on the cheap. Thank goodness for free software, I won’t name the software I will be using as I don’t believe in mindless plugging of products (audacity). This software is great for recording my voice, smoothing out the peaks and troughs that my norn iron accent has and even slowing my speech down. Not too much voice modification, don’t want to sound like Barry White on dope. The only problem I am facing is the background music, it a mine field out there, royalty free, unlimited use royalty free, you may use this for free as long as you buy a licence that will cost you, your soul and the clothes off your back. Decisions, decisions, decisions. What would life be, if we were not faced with these small problems all the time……BORING.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year everyone.

You can Quit Smoking Through Individual Hypnosis.


Have you ever tried to give up smoking but with no success? Well if you have, don’t be afraid because you are not the only one. This is why you should consider individual hypnosis.

Individual hypnosis has proven to help people suffering from various addictions and disorders. This includes social anxiety, drugs, alcohol and stress. It has also worked for those who are smokers so you don’t have anything to lose by trying it out.

Before you try hypnosis, the specialist that will be helping you throughout the entire process has to know why you smoke and what triggers it. Some smoke as a way to relieve the pressure while others use it to boost their confidence. Keep in mind though that you don’t have to smoke when the pressure is building up or you want to show who you really are.

After speaking with the hypnotist who sees that…

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E cigarettes – not the safe smoking option?


Came across this which is interesting given the number of people who view these products as a safe option – it’s all in the marketing I guess?

No Ifs, No Butts, E-cigarettes Are Cancerous

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 5 December 2013

E cigarettes, touted by many as a safe form of smoking fills the body with  carcinogens and can harm a persons breathing claims Tim Smale, clinical  Hypnotherapist.

“Every month more research comes out about E – cigarettes and it is never  good. The latest one carried out by France’s National Consumers Institute in May  2013 correctly identified that three out of the ten products tested, the levels  of the carcinogenic compound formaldehyde was almost the same as a conventional  cigarette.” Stated Smale.

“What’s worse is that the highly toxic molecule Acrolein was also detected in  the vapours of e-cigarettes, sometimes at levels even higher than in traditional  cigarettes.’ Continued…

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Not work related, but…..

Well today, myself and the boss lady took the ankle biters to see Santa. Now most people take their young ones to see Santa in their local shopping centre/garden centre, not us. We saw Santa on a ferry from Belfast to Scotland and back. You take your children to the local shopping centre and get approximately ten minutes of entertainment, on the ferry we got seven hours. Seven hours of entertainment, such as badly singing elf’s, rolling seas, a balloon modeler who had constant business as all his balloons burst, face painters and sea sickness. Nit bad going actually. Thankfully my wife and young ones have great sea legs and kept our breakfast, lunch and high sugar content sweeties down. The children loved it, freedom to run wild and win prizes doing it and frantic parents running wild and winning nothing but headaches, sea sickness and wishing they had seen Santa in the shopping centre.

Now here is where my business head kicked in. The ferry has a head massager on board for de-stressing, but its expensive and I am uneducated to how long the effects last for, so, why don’t I set up a hypnotherapy practice on board, imagine the captive audience you would have. Stressed out parents, smoking overworked, over weight truckers. Its a two and quarter hour journey, potential to help at least two people stop smoking or a group relaxation session. Now I say this with a bit of a tongue in cheek, but it is another potential avenue of revenue for a humble hypnotherapist. Three return sailings a day, potential for twelve clients requiring help. Must email the ferry company and see what interesting reply they give. P.S.. we loved seeing Santa at sea, but seven hours is such a long time when you have children that appear to be injected with pure caffeine and sugar, sitting for more than five minutes is an alien concept.